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Jaipur Music Stage

Variety, Discovery and Collaboration

This year the Jaipur Music Stage celebrates “all things music”, with a variety of music genres coming together on the same platform, along with exciting collaborations between diverse artistes, with the aim of transcending borders, genres and prejudices.

Rooted in the heart of India but flavoured with offerings from across the globe, the Jaipur Music Stage features a variety of artistes from the across the world. Be it world music, ghazals, jazz, rock or the blues, the Jaipur Music Stage 2022 is a music festival like no other, embodying variety, excellence and collaboration. The Stage, running parallel to the Jaipur Literature Festival, will present breathtaking evenings of performances featuring a variety of artistes from the international spectrum with a multi-genre abundance in style, sound, and history.

collaborations between artistes will salute the essential spirit of music – that of the freedom to create.

The Jaipur Music Stage is more than just a place for literature-enthusiasts to unwind after an exhilarating day of talks: it is a musical confluence opening audiences up to new sounds.

A night market with a range of merchandise including instruments, music technology, music from indie music labels and other paraphernalia, will add sizzle to this unique medley of the popular and the subtle.

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