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Jaipur Music Stage

Variety, Discovery and Collaboration

Headlining the inaugural night is the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and poet Alif (Mohammad Muneem), a recipient of prestigious awards for his soul-stirring compositions. Joining him on stage is The Tapi Project, a band exploring diverse musical genres, blending folk, trip-hop, jazz, and ambient textures.

The second evening spotlights Delhi-based artist Prabh Deep, known for his compelling storytelling in releases like Class-Sikh and the critically acclaimed Tabia. Accompanying him is The Revisit Project, infusing jazz with a characteristic twist, offering insightful commentaries on life, love, and politics in India.

The final evening will witness an incredible performance by singer-songwriters Salman Elahi and Harpreet, who will present original compositions in multiple languages with their characteristic flair and skill. The evening will also showcase India’s ever-evolving band When Chai Met Toast, known for their multilingual lyrics and infectious melodies.

Beyond the captivating performances, a vibrant night market will enhance the experience, offering a variety of merchandise, including instruments, music technology, indie label music, and other paraphernalia, ensuring the Jaipur Music Stage is an unforgettable celebration of musical diversity and creativity.

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