Rohani Sister featuring at Jaipur Music Stage 2019

The Roohani Sisters

The Roohani Sisters (Jagriti Luthra Prasanna and Neeta Pandey Negi) are synonymous with Sufi music. They have performed Sufiyana qalams, qawwali, Kafi and ghazals, merging their music with various elements of Indian classical music such as sargams, tans, bol-aalap, layakaari and bol baant. Both are doctorates in Sufi music from the University Of Delhi. The Roohani Sisters have performed at the International Sufi and Folk Festivals 2016 in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh, SPIC MACAY, International Sufi Festival in Ajmer, Rajasthan, the MahaKumbh in Haridwar and the Noida Lok Manch, to name a few.

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